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Alice-Ann Darrow

Irvin Cooper Professor of Music Therapy

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Academic Area: 
Music Education and Music Therapy
Room Number: 
KMU 220

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Alice-Ann Darrow, Irvin Cooper Professor of Music Therapy and Music Education, came to The Florida State University in 2003 from The University of Kansas.

Her teaching and research interests are teaching music to special populations and the role of music in deaf culture. Related to these topics, she has been the recipient of over twenty federal, university, or corporate grants, and published numerous monographs, research articles, and book chapters. She is editor of the text Introduction to Approaches in Music Therapy, and co-author of Music in Special Education. Darrow serves on the editorial boards of the Bulletin for the Council on Research in Music Education, Music Therapy Perspectives, and Update: Applications of Research in Music Education, and as a U.S. Commissioner for the International Society for Music Education. She has been the recipient of: the Ella Scoble Opperman Faculty Citation award from the FSU College of Music, research and clinical practice awards from the American Music Therapy Association; and while at The University of Kansas, the University's Silver Anniversary Teaching Award, an Intrauniversity Professorship in special education and hearing science, and membership in the KU Women's Hall of Fame.

She received her BM, BME, MM, and PhD degrees at The Florida State University, and taught in music programs for students with and without disabilities in Miami, Florida before going to the University of Kansas.

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