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Music Theatre


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The Florida State University College of Music's Bachelor of Music track in Music Theatre is a professional program, run jointly with the School of Theatre's Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Music Theatre and with the cooperation of the Dance Department. It is designed to create music theatre performers who are truly "triple threats," trained in singing, acting, and dancing, and who are prepared to work professionally when they complete the program. Although the students work in each area separately and in fact are generally treated to both schools as majors, the greatest strength of the program is its joint nature, allowing the faculty and the students to understand and explore the connections and to bring all three areas together.

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Please contact Dr. Gayle Seaton, Program Director of Music Theatre, if you require further assistance. Dr. Seaton can be reached at (850) 644-3447 or by FAX at (850) 644-2033.

For Admissions Information, please view the Admissions section of this website, or contact:




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