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The Musicology area considers the discipline to comprise all scholarship in music, and we therefore offer the opportunity for graduate study in both ethnomusicology and historical musicology, with thoroughgoing interaction between the two. The faculty, with a strong national and international profile, cover a wide range of both current cultures and historical periods, as well as diverse methodologies.

Fundamental to our perspective is our commitment to the inseparability of scholarship from live music making experiences. Early Music and World Music Ensembles therefore occupy an integral place in the area.

Musicology studies at Florida State can draw on the Warren D. Allen Music Library, the most comprehensive music library in the region. The College of Music maintains an outstanding collection of music instruments of many cultures and historical periods, used actively by faculty and students. A well-equipped ethnomusicology laboratory facility allows scholars to edit, transcribe, and analyze sound and video recordings. A program of guest lecturers and historical performers constitutes an additional resource to stimulate thinking, suggest new projects, and develop national and international networks.

All students in the program are automatically considered for support in the form of research or teaching assistantships, which provide full-time tuition and a modest stipend. Additional funding is available for research, as well as for attendance and participation at professional meetings.

Faculty and students in the Musicology program at Florida State regularly present their work in publication and conferences. Students have a strong record of prestigious grants and fellowships. Alumni of the Musicology program teach in colleges and universities throughout the United States, as well as abroad.

While study in Musicology in the College of Music at Florida State is demanding, the program is uniquely congenial. The student-run Society for Musicology gives an opportunity for students to work together on a wide variety of projects, including presentations of work by graduate students, hosting visiting scholars, group travel to conferences, and outreach to prospective students.


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