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Florida State University


Teacher Education Course

Level I

July 11-22, 2016

The Florida State University College of Music is pleased to offer Level I of the Orff-Schulwerk Teacher Education Course. Level I is designed for anyone with musical training who wishes to acquire basic knowledge and pedagogic foundation in the Orff-Schulwerk approach. This course is recommended for those with no previous Orff-Schulwerk training and will include: studying basic Orff techniques including the use of pentatonic scales, simple bordun, ostinato, and elemental forms; basic body movements including structured and creative movement and their application to the Schulwerk; vocal and rhythmic training; improvisation, and soprano recorder.

The course itself provides a noncompetitive atmosphere where one of the rewards is the pleasure of making good music with others.

For more information, please contact:

Mike McIver
Center for Academic & Professional Development, (850) 645-5639


Suzanne Rita Byrnes
Course Director, FSU College of Music, (850) 385-2059


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