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College of Music / Areas of Study / Degree Programs / Undergraduate Programs / Music Minor

Music Minor

Admission to the program is:

  1. By approval of the College of Music
  2. By a placement audition at the Principal Level on an acceptable instrument or voice.


Minimum of 25 semester hours in the following areas:

Applied Music 4
  MV(B,K,P,S,V,W) 1211 - 1216 Applied Music Secondary. Students must enroll in Applied Music for a minimum of two full semesters on the instrument (or voice) on which they auditioned.
Music Theory
  MUT 1111-1112 Basic Theory [3-3] 6
  MUT 1241-1242 Sightsinging [1-1] 2
  MUT 2116 Basic Theory [3] 3
  MUT 2246 Sightsinging [l] 1
Music History and Literature  
  MUL 2110 Survey of Music Literature [2] 2
  MUH 2512 Music Cultures of the World [2] 2
  MUH 3211 Survey of Music History I [3]
(prerequisite:MUL 2110 and MUH 2512)
-OR- 3
  MUH 3212 Survey of Music History II [3]
(prerequisite: MUH 3211 or by permission of the Music History area coordinator or Undergraduate Program Director.)
Ensemble   2
Student Recital Attendance 0
  MUS 1010 [0]
(two semesters of successful completion with a grade of ā€œSā€)

Transfer students must successfully complete at least 6 hours of music at FSU to complete the music minor even if all of the above requirements were completed at another institution.


Areas of Study

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